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Remembering Katherine Lutz

Katherine Lutz

As word of her passing reached the prolife community, from Pittston to Pittsburg, Scranton to Harrisburg, the feelings of love and respect for this iconic hero of the unborn could be felt across the state. Katherine lived her life with a passion for defending the child in the womb. As a member of the Hazleton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life she served as secretary and was honored in May of 2019 for her “life of love, her love of life”. The very mention of her name elicited memories by other chapter leaders. Katherine never missed Scranton Chapter’s pro-life breakfast or Wilkes Barre’s annual pro-life dinner. Even after Katherine resigned as PHL Hazleton secretary she would critique my articles with her keen secretary’s eye. As I drove down Ridge Street to have her proofread my work there was no need to remember the address; the prolife stickers and banners on her front porch were reflective of the dedication of that amazing lady. She spearheaded the areas largest carnation fundraiser every Mother’s Day in the Freeland Catholic Community. Loved and respected by all, she was the embodiment of kindness. My children adored her and her wonderful husband, Rockie. They recalled her and Rockie bringing us treats when life was hard.

Katherine, your life of dedication will be remembered; your light to our community will continue to shine. May you be ushered into heaven by millions of tiny angels whose life you unceasingly defended.

Love you for LIFE (Katherine’s famous sign off),

Maryann Lawhon


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