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Summer 2023 Newsletter 




The VOICE of JOHN has continued with an aggressive education program throughout the summer; beginning with Chris Calore who inspired us with a Pro-life tribute to the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Mary.  Maria Gallagher, PA Pro Life Federation PAC director, author and speaker joined me to talk about her magnificent new book, "Mercy's Power".  This should be a handbook for EVERY prolifer.  Beautifully, compassionately written, I was honored to host our state's Pro-Life Federation's Political Action Director.  Maria recently appeared on EWTN's at Home with Joy & Jim:  powerful, motivating, inspiring, Maria Gallagher is truly a gift to our listeners!


Clare Caufield, a 17 year old home schooled student representing the state of Pennsylvania. Clare shared with our listeners her speech that WON the National Teen Pro-Life Oratory Competition held in Pittsburg PA.  She talked about being a teen in a proabortion society and how we can get our teens involved.  A great program for our teenagers to listen to.


Katharine Reyes, another teen who placed in the National Right to Life Oratory Contest will share with us her winning speech.  Note to Self---have your tissues ready for this poised and passionate teen speaker.


You won't want to miss Lauren Eden speak of her abortion experience. Lauren is a women who with a lovely southern drawl speaks with honesty and pain as she describes finding out SHE HAD BEEN ABORTED!  Yes, Lauren is a part of the abortion survivors network.  


Before the end of the summer we will have some early elementary programs beginning with a child reading BUBBLES FOR DAVID; a beautifully written book for children and families who have lost a sibling through miscarriage, abortion or early infancy.   Hopefully we can keep your children entertained with life affirming stories  and encourage parents and grandparents to read these books to preschool and elementary school children.  We will conclude the children's series with DONNIE Lost in the Cornfield.  Great children's books with life affirming messages.


To listen to this beautiful programming, tune into JMJ Catholic Radio or go to the VOICE of JOHN website and scroll to RADIO to find these, and a host of other inspirational / educational/ motivational programs.


Save the date:  The Pennsylvania March for Life is being held on October 16th in Harrisburg.  Pro-abortion lawmakers have introduced a wave of legislation that would allow for abortion on demand, paid for by YOUR tax dollars!  Be part of a united force defending the life of the unborn.  TOGETHER, let's restore a culture of life in PA


WANTED:  someone to volunteer in producing video-podcasts for the VOICE of JOHN.  Please contact me at 570-788-JOHN (5646) if interested in becoming a part of the team.


I'm going to end today with a little teaser for all of you.  God has chosen to write yet another chapter in the VOICE of JOHN.  I am working on efforts to write / produce this next beautiful chapter.  I pray that your generosity will allow me to continue to be the VOICE of JOHN, he who is VOICE for the VOICELESS. 

To support this ministry, please send your donation to:


c/o Maryann Lawhon CEO

103 Johns Jog  

Drums PA 18222

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