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55 million Americans have lost their lives as victims of abortion since 1973.

In 1977, a young nurse working in the obstetrics unit of a West Virginia hospital stumbled upon an abandoned newborn left to die in a “dirty utility room”.  She was unaware that the Roe vs. Wade decision passed prior made this atrocity legal.

After being reprimanded for bringing this revelation to staff’s attention, and against instruction to “do nothing”, she held the infant, baptized him and declared “I name you John.  I will tell the world what I saw here today. I will be your voice.” 36 years later, Maryann Lawhon kept her promise.
River-Song Productions presents “The Voice of John”, a documentary which exposes the truth about abortion and the pro-choice laws that support it. This film presents a forensic examination into the Pro-Life movement since 1973.  It exposes the truth behind abortion and euthanasia from the perspectives of the doctors, nurses, clergy and politicians who are responsible for it as well those who oppose it.


Please pray for “The Voice of John” and consider partnering with PHL Hazleton. Together we can change the world.  



       Maryann Lawhon is the executive director of the documentary “The Voice of John”; an effort to fulfill a promise she made to a little baby after he had been aborted and left to die on a dirty utility room counter. She promised to be his voice, and describes a major purpose of her life was to BE “The Voice of John”.  


       A native of Scranton, she graduated from Scranton State General Hospital School of Nursing and attended the University of Scranton. A holistic practitioner, she went on to become certified in massage therapy and therapeutic touch. Her love for geriatrics and working with the elderly motivated her to become certified as a validation worker, allowing her a unique and effective way to communicate with people in all stages of dementia. More recently, she trained as a life coach, specializing in work with women facing a crisis pregnancy as well as patients and families with issues related to aging and dementia.  Currently a radio show host for JMJ Catholic Radio “The Voice of John with Maryann Lawhon” features a program which addresses the issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide.


      From womb to tomb, life is sacred, valuable, a gift from a loving God: her work and education has been to uphold these truths personally and professionally. When asked to do her “bio” she simply looked at the word and concluded that it is not the academic accomplishments, titles or letters after one’s name, but very simply, the contributions you give to a world by living the purpose that God intended for you. She is the mother of 4, the grandmother of 7, a nurse, a caregiver, and the VOICE of a baby named John.

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