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Video Podcast

God's Agape Love 

The Life and Legacy of a Baby named John

A Special Interview with Monsignor Esseff 

For closed caption click CC on video

The Magee Project

Maryann Lawhon speaks with Gerri Featherby

Maryann Lawhon speaks with Dr. John Bruchalski

Invitation to Ecumenical Prolife Service 

A Prolife Tribute to the Eucharist

Maryann Lawhon speaks with Lisa Rowe about Support after Abortion. 

Maryann Lahon speaks with Jessica Freyne about a new crisis pregnancy center in the Scranton area

Maryann Lawhon and Father Frank Pavone 
Before You Cast Your Ballot

Where The Candidates Stand On Life Issues 

"Infanticide takes us further down the slippery slope of disregard for humanity.  While this is difficult to look at, we cannot continue to turn our backs, to look away from the suffering of the innocents".

Read Across America 
Are You My Mother? 
Grades Pre-K through 3    

Read Across America 
Oh the Places You Can Go 
Grades 4, 5 and 6     

Read Across America 
Oh the Places You Can Go
Anti-bullying Message
Grades 7 and 8    

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