one small voice will speak for millions

The Voice of John

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A powerful true story about the innocence of a child and their role in a life saving decision.  

An Infant Child, A Nurse and the Holy Spirit 


The Voice of John


The voice of John is the voice of a child speaking tenderly and lovingly a message of forgiveness and hope.

The Vision 


A society which listens with grace.

Speaks with passion and compassion.

Accepts every human life without judgement.

Recognizes the gift and inherent worth of every


Our Mission Statement: 


The Voice of John mission is to reach out with love and tenderness,

empowering every woman facing a crisis pregnancy,

to offer support and resources to post abortive women and men,

to educate on issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide, to influence legislation, and to defend the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb. 


Pennsylvanians for Human Life is pleased to announce the winner of The 1st Annual Christmas Card Contest.   The contest was open to all students in grades 7 – 12.  More than 115 students throughout our area submitted their verse for the inside of the Christmas Card which was designed by local artist Jenn Witner.  The contest was judged by a panel of 4 members of PHL and the winner is James Rodino, a 10th grade student at Marian Catholic High School in Tamaqua.  John Frank, PHL Fundraising Chairperson presented James with a check from the organization.  James graciously decided to donate his check back to PHL.

Maryann Lawhon, PHL Chapter President said she was so touched by all the students who participated in the project.  “The verses were just so beautiful, some students referencing biblical phrases, others uniquely inspired, but they were all simply beautiful.  The job of the judges was very difficult in selecting the best verse”.

Christmas Cards will be available in the back of participating area churches on the last week of November and will soon become available on The Voice of John website.  You can also arrange to pick up orders by calling 570-788-JOHN.


























                                     Pictured L to R: Eileen Matenkoski; James Rodino, Contest Winner; John Frank, Contest Chairperson;

                                                                  Maryann Lawhon, PHL President Greater Hazleton Area; Elle Altarifi

contest pic.jpg

Take a listen to this beautiful song entitled "Babies Die Crying" written by Lola Jorgensen and her husband Clyde inspired by The Voice of John. 

Babies Die CryingClyde Jorgensen & Lola Jorgensen
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