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one small voice will speak for millions

The Voice of John

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A powerful true story about the innocence of a child and their role in a life saving decision.  

An Infant Child, A Nurse and the Holy Spirit 


The Voice of John


The voice of John is the voice of a child speaking tenderly and lovingly a message of forgiveness and hope.

The Vision 


A society which listens with grace.

Speaks with passion and compassion.

Accepts every human life without judgement.

Recognizes the gift and inherent worth of every


Our Mission Statement: 


The Voice of John mission is to reach out with love and tenderness,

empowering every woman facing a crisis pregnancy,

to offer support and resources to post abortive women and men,

to educate on issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and assisted suicide, to influence legislation, and to defend the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb. 

2022 Christmas Card Contest Winners Announced

John and Jen.jpg


Can we have a drum roll?   The VOICE of JOHN and Pennsylvanians for Human Life has completed the judging for the verse for our 2022 Christmas Card.  The competition was open to students in grades 7-12 throughout the diocese.   Maryann Lawhon, Executive Director of the VOICE of JOHN and President of Hazleton Chapter of PHL announced the winners.  “This was a most difficult decision, the entries were amazing!  The students really looked at the art displayed of the Christmas Card,  Our Blessed Mother smiling upon the Child Jesus, and the bright star in the dark sky.  So many captured the meaning of Christmas from such unique perspectives, making the decision so difficult.  We reviewed almost 200 entries from throughout our area representative of Faith Assembly of God Church, Holy Rosary CCD group, Hazleton Area High School, Marion Catholic High School in Tamaqua, Home Schooled Students, and Holy Family Academy in Hazleton.   Students expressed the star in the night sky as reflective of the light Jesus brings into a dark world.   

The depth of their insights, and so many different perspectives made the judging an absolute joy, and will certainly be a blessing to me this Advent and Christmas Season.


Unable to chose just one winner this year, The VOICE of JOHN has chosen:

  • 3rd runner up is Elibett Feliz from Holy Spirit Academy, who submitted the verse:  May the light of God guide you just as the star guided people to Jesus on Christmas night.  Merry Christmas to all who put their faith in the Lord. 

  • 2nd runner up is Patrick Bonner from Holy Spirit Academy who reflected how each of us, even if you aren’t like other people, are made in God’s perfect image, God loves you and you are perfect in his eyes.

  • Our 1st runner up is Liam Zablocki, a CCD Student from Holy Rosary Church in Amanda Frank’s class, reminding us that Christmas should be a reminder of the gift of life as we seek God’s blessing on all throughout the year ahead.

And our winner is Dillan Garcia from Holy Family Academy who inspired us with his verse for the 2022 Pro-life Christmas Card, writing “As the Bethlehem Star led the shepherds to Jesus our Savior, be open to God’s plan for you.  When Mary gave her life for God’s plan, she bore the Savior of the World.   JESUS.

Eileen Matenkoski, PHL officer, was awed by the depth of their faith and so many inspiring reflections, renewing her faith in our youth, the pro-life generation.  Ed Pane stated that all who participated in the judging of the verse were moved and inspired.  Students reflected a great “faith in action” as their verses recognized people who are “different”, people who are strangers to you, living with “the heart of God”.

John Frank, chairperson of the Annual Christmas Card Contest will award the winners as he recognizes “they are all winners”, for they gifted the Sanctity of Life and motivated us to live the message of Christmas, the love of Jesus, in every aspect of our lives.

On behalf of Pennsylvanians for Human Life and the VOICE of JOHN, we thank all teachers and parents who encouraged participation.  It is always our goal to challenge our youth, as they are the future of the Pro-life movement. 

The Christmas Card is a beautifully designed Card by artist Jenn Witner and the verse, inspired by our youth, supports Pennsylvanians for Human Life and the VOICE of JOHN. 


You can purchase these cards through the VOICE of JOHN website,, Good Shepherd Church Drums, St. Patrick's Church White Haven, Immaculate Conception Church Freeland, St. Gabriel's Church Hazleton, Holy Name of Jesus West Hazleton, Holy Rosary Hazleton, Most Precious Blood Hazleton, St. Joseph's Church Hazleton, Arts Can Grow 15th St in Hazleton, Heights Terrace Pharmacy on Poplar St in Hazleton, Robert Stevens Face and Body Route 93 and Johnson's Pharmacy in Hazleton. 



“The VOICE of JOHN has been heard”

A Historic Victory for LIFE

The US Supreme Court issued a ruling overturning the tragic 1973 ruling known as Roe vs Wade. A half
century, 50 years, a death toll of over 63 million children. And on June 24th, the Catholic Feast of the
Sacred Heart of Jesus, this abominable decision has been reversed. This landmark ruling will return the
decision to the states where the people, through their elected officials can promote policies to protect
the child in the womb, and the mother.

Right now, emotions are high, and we must move forward as a country to create a post Roe society. I
hope we can begin by civil conversations, not speaking over one another, instead speaking to one
another. Above all, me must listen to the concerns. It is my belief that while the media portrays the
“pro-choice” side as the “celebrate abortion” or “shout out your abortion” radical woman, it is my
feeling that in fact, it is actually women who have fears and genuine concerns about their ability to
make sound decisions and face an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

A constitutional right has not been revoked, for nowhere in the constitution of the United States is there
a right to abortion; there is however a right to life. Pennsylvania’s Department of Health revealed in its
latest 1-year statistic report that 32,000 babies were aborted in Pa. We commend this Court for their
diligence in securing the constitutional right to life to the most vulnerable among us, the child in the

Additionally, know that the Pro-Life movement reaches out to women: no pregnant woman should feel
alone or abandoned. Pregnancy resource centers throughout our Commonwealth are standing by to
help women with the aid and emotional support every pregnant woman deserves.
At this time, I reflect on the words I spoke to a little boy named John who had been aborted and then
left to die on a dirty utility room counter. “John, if your Mommy could see you as I do, she would not
have done this to you”. Today, I am recommitted to moving our organization forward with educational
programs to assure that women and men understand the sacredness and beauty of the child in the
womb. No woman should have to live with the regret of empty arms; no man should have to live with
their lost fatherhood. Our work is to transform our society to a culture of life.

I pay tribute to Katherine Lutz, Mary Farley Pane and Loretta McNellis, to Nellie Gray and the founders
of our grassroots organizations locally and nationally.


Pennsylvanians for Human Life is a grassroots pro-life organization committed to defending the sanctity
of every human life from conception to natural death.

The Voice of John represents the educational arm of Pennsylvanians for Human Life Hazleton.

With questions, comments or concerns, please contact Maryann Lawhon, The VOICE of JOHN at       570-788-JOHN.

The  PA Senate passed the Amendment which will protect our state from a Judicial imposition of abortion. It had been made necessary by the likelihood that the PA Supreme Court was poised to declare that abortion had “evolved” into a constitutional right. It would have also lifted prohibitions against taxpayer funded elective abortions. 

After quite a bitter 5 hour debate in the House, the Amendment also passed there. 

The process requires that the same Amendment be passed by both houses again in the next session (starts January 2023), then a referendum of PA voters will vote yes or no. 


Still lots of work and prayer needed as we move forward!  



Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS page for a list of future events. 

Gifts to PHL Hazleton a  501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  Gifts are tax deductible above the cost of any items purchased.

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